Technical Data

Reference numbers


  • Reference number of the set
  • Position of the set by size in the in the family (eg: here 1st meg of the family)
  • Size of the set (3 letters)
  • Level of difficulty (E: Easy, M: Medium, H: Hard)


Traffic White
Bright Yellow
Yellow Green
Leaf Green
Traffic Red
Pastel Orange
Sky Blue
Silver Grey
Jet black
Fluoro Orange
Fluoro Green
Fluoro Pink
Fluoro Yellow
Signal Violet
Pastel Turquoise


We currently offer polyurethane holds (PU).
Polyurethane holds are more resistant and durable than ones made of Polyester resin (PE). They don't split when tightening, as many PE holds do. The feel of polyurethane holds (PU) is more comfortable, PU is softer and less dry than the PE. Holds don't crack or break. PU holds are significantly lighter than PE holds, a big asset when you set a route with a belay rope or carry a lot of equipment. We constantly seek to improve and innovate our materials in effort to get the best results. The type of polyurethane we use is top quality and stand out in stark contrast to other polyurethane on the market.

Design & shape

Cheeta holds are the result of a unique experience in route setting and hold shaping for over 20 years. They were designed to give style and movement to your route setting. The forms and the grips were elaborated to have fun when climbing, to help you improve your climbing skills and to learn. The design of each hold induces a specific type of grip whether it’s a jug, a pinch,  a sloper, a crimp, a pocket or a foothold, the design induces a specific effort. The shapes have been created with particular attention given to the type of grip and to the texture being both comfortable for the hands and esthetically attractive. The grain has been developed to allow an optimal adherence while minimizing the impact on the fingers when spending a long time climbing.

Fixation system

We paid special attention to the screw holes so that they don’t modify the type of grip of a hold, and cannot be used by hands or feet. Most of the Cheeta holds carry a double fixation system called Dual-fixing. Primary fixation: cylindrical head screws or countersunk screws Secondary fixation: self-drilleden wood screws Some of our large holds (especially the flat ones) are delivered with a cork to cover the hole and prevent using it as a mono-finger.


Holds have to be cleaned with a dry brush regularly when they are fixed on a wall. They need to be cleaned with lukewarm water without any detergent when unscrewing them.

Security and Installation

Installing and fixing holds and volumes is the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer needs to use an appropriate fixation system according to the structure. Holds should be bolted by the back with wooden screws when its shape allows it. After climbing several times on a freshly set route or bloc, the holds might get loose. The buyer must verify on a regular basis the tightness of the holds and the volumes.
Polyurethane holds are not subject to cracking but they have to be checked when setting or unsetting routes or blocs.
Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer can be held responsible for any misuse of holds and fixations.

Respect for the Environment

We make every effort to minimalize excess material used during manufacturing and packing. We strive to be as gentle on the environment as we can be. PE or PU holds are not recyclable. However when investing in a PU hold, you are privileging longevity and durability because this material is virtually unbreakable and ages better than a PE hold. We choose to use a packaging that is as simple as possible. Holds are offered by sets and bagged in transparent plastic, they are immediately visible. Opening the set is fast with a minimal amount of waste removal. For large orders, this packaging allows route setters to save time and reduce wastes.

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