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Cheeta may change at any time and whitout notice the terms stated out below. By browsing the website you are explicitly agreeing each of them.

# 1 Navigation

Cheeta will only use public informations provided by your browser and the informations you explicitly choosed to provide (such as the informations provided by the user when a customer account is created).

Our website is using cookies to enhance your experience, cookies are necessary to ensure our services. As an e-commerce website we need those to provide our services.

Cheeta is not using any third party cookie, moreover Cheeta is not using any of the third party cookies stored on your terminal.

# 2 Data privacy

We are mainly using anonymous cookies called "session cookies". Those cookies are anonymous and will be destroyed from our server as soon as you will exit your browser. The few "persistant" cookies that we are using are necessary in order to maintain our services.

We do not store any sensitive data such as the data provide during an online payment, the part relative to payment is performed on a secure page hosted by an official bank service.

By deleting your account you will also delete all the data that you provided for its creation.

# 3 Data collection

By using our website you explicitly agree with the facts stated out in the paragraphs below.

In order to improve our services we are recording your ip which is a publicly available information. By creating an account on our website you allow us to link your ip with the email address you provided during your account creation process.

This record is made to improve your account's security. This record would help us check for eventual security problems and is helping us to inform you about the problem: For example if somebody is connecting to your account without your consent, if this connection seems suspect we would be able to inform you about it.

By using this website you also allow us to collect other anonymous informations contained in our website and formatted by the actions you might perform in order to enhance our services or in order to generate statistical studies on our website: For example a visit counter.

The data collection is proceed anonymously by Ghast.js an analytics system and a data-processing program.

Those informations will remain private and anonymous in any case.

The collected data will never be provided to any third party service or other.

You can ask for more informations about the collected data here.

# 4 Sharing of data

Cheeta will never provide user informations to any third party service or other.

# 5 Use of the data

By opting in to the mailing list in the footer of the Cheeta website or during the checkout process, you agree that we may contact you by email. For example, Cheeta may send you promotional emails that we feel you would be interested in or communicate with you about your use of the Cheeta website. Cheeta may also use technology to alert us when you open an email from us. If you do not want to receive email messages from Cheeta, please opt out by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in any email message.

# 6 Warranties

Neither Cheeta nor its partners make any specific promises about the Services. For example, we don’t make any commitments about the content within the Services, the specific functions of the Services, or their reliability, availability, or ability to meet your needs. We provide the Services “as is”.

Cheeta is not issuing any guarantee about the quality of the Service.

# 7 Responsabilities

We might use the collected data to enhance your user experience: for example by proposing you a set of holds that we think you might find interesting

Despite all efforts made to maintain a high level of security and of data privacy on our website, we cannot guarantee a total security. Neither Cheeta nor its partners can be held responsible in any way for any potential damages (of any types) due to the use of our services.

Despite all efforts made to keep a high level of services Cheeta cannot be held responsible for any problems linked with the purchases made on this website; However if such problems occurs we will be embarrased and we ask you to contact us at:

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